My Cleansing Repertoire – Using Mineral-Rich Carlsbad Alkaline Water – Reactions and Results

For the next 3 days, I used Carlsbad Alkaline Water which is even higher in alkalinity, at a pH of approximately 8.76. I wanted to see if there is a difference in how I feel and how much I drink. This water is available at a spa in Carlsbad, CA. It was discovered a long time ago and you can read more about the source at

My second 3 days using Carlsbad Alkaline Water Only

Day 1 – Sunday February 26. 2012
Today is the 4th day of my cleanse. I decided that I want to use both types of high alkaline water and drink them separately so I can really tell if there is any difference. My cleanse is for a total of 12 days, so I decided to do half on just water and half on coconut water and water (mostly/all with the Carlsbad water, since I have more of it). I am drinking 3 days on each of the two types of water to give my body some time to feel the “affects,” so to speak.

When I had my first drink of water this morning, the taste was not the same as the previous 3 days, it did not taste as sweet as I thought it would. It still had a smooth taste and I do not have any headaches or hunger issues. I did initially get this water in a 5 gallon plastic bottle and then transferred it to glass bottles and jars within a short time after. I don’t know if this had any bearing on the taste of the water. I do not have a 5 gallon glass jug, but if I do decide to consume more of this water in the future, I may consider purchasing one or more 1 gallon bottles (then I will see if it changes the taste). It is not recommended to transfer water from one bottle to another because of the bacteria buildup in the move from one to another. It isn’t necessarily bad for you, but does affect the taste. Stainless steel bottles are not recommended because it is usually of poor quality and leaves an aftertaste.

Since I have this water in many different types of jars and bottles, I am using the ones I know the size of , so I can still keep track of the total I drink for the day.

Consumption for the day: Total – 96 oz/12 cups/¾ of a gallon/3 quarts
9:30 am – 11 am – 16 oz
11:15 am – 2:10 pm – 32 oz
3 pm – 6:35 pm – 32 oz
7 pm – 8:30 pm – 16 oz

I drank more water then I did yesterday (76.4 oz). I don’t know if it is because I needed it or because of the higher alkalinity. It will be interesting to see how much of the water I drink tomorrow.

Day 2- Monday February 27. 2012

Today is the 5th day of my cleanse. I started out drinking the water almost an hour later then yesterday because I was busy talking on the phone and didn’t feel the need to. I am still feeling fine with no headaches or “feel” hungry. I believe the water is helping me very much, especially since it has a higher pH.

Consumption for the day: Total – 80 oz/10 cups/2 ½ quarts
10:25 am – 11:05 am – 16 oz
11:30 am – 2:45 pm – 32 oz
3:50 pm – 6:40 pm – 32 oz

I drank less water today then yesterday, as I was occupied with other things (phone, computer, etc) and also spent more time lying down in bed so didn’t need as much water. Also, I am going to bed earlier tonight because I have a lot to do tomorrow and would rather not have to get up during the night to use the bathroom.

Day 3- Tuesday February 28, 2012

Today, is the 6th day of my cleanse. I started drinking water earlier this morning, but then had a lapse for a while because I was working on the computer and didn’t feel thirsty, either. Still no side effects like a headache or hunger pangs, so that is good. The water is keeping me “nourished” and hydrated.

Consumption for the day: Total – 91 oz/11.3 cups/ almost 3 quarts
9:10 am – 10:30 am – 24 oz
12 pm – 4:35 pm – 27 oz
4:35 pm – 7:05 pm – 40 oz

I drank quite a bit more then yesterday and felt well hydrated, but a few ounces less than 2 days ago.

Now this gives you a sense of what it takes to stay hydrated and how good you can still feel with only drinking water.

Chef Mindy

I advise you to educate yourselves adequately and seek advise from a qualified health professional/specialist before embarking on any program like this, especially if you have any current conditions and have never fasted/cleansed before. I recommend trying it for one day a week if you are starting out. If you are looking to do a long term cleanse/fast please do so at a cleansing center that can support and monitor you so that you don’t put your self/health in jeopardy. The information contained here, is not intended as a diagnosis, cure or treatment for any disease or ailment. Neither I, nor Carlsbad Alkaline Water, their employees and associates accept liability or responsibility for any adverse consequences you might encounter in using this product.

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