Will you allow me to get a free pass this time and I don’t do “9 To 5!”

So what is up with my title?
I am making excuses, I know and I said in the last post that I would try to write once a week.
Well, I want to make time to write, as I love writing and then I don’t seem to get to post on my blog, as much as I’d like because “LIFE” comes up for me everyday and I need to work on continually creating income for myself, since I don’t work for others, but for myself (I know my Mom and Dad get at me every so often to find a “Real Job”). I am not a nine to five-er type of person and never have been. I also don’t care to work in an office (as a rule) and prefer doing different kinds of work to make a living. My passion is definitely in the health and wellness field and I love to teach people about the way/path to living a vibrant and meaningful life. I also know that I will continue to do it in some capacity. If I do get that one client that hires me and has no qualms to pay me what I know I am worth and then some (I have had some short-term clients like that in the past), I will be “happy as a clam” (only an expression, as I don’t eat any being a raw vegan) and not have to do anything else to be financially secure. Being a private chef, is a great job and it is also very demanding and requires a tremendous amount of time with shopping, menu planning, food prep and also standing on your feet. This is the reason why I like to dabble in other activities, such as participating in research studies, focus groups, working as a portrait model (no I don’t do nudes, so don’t get all bent out of shape or excited, it is a personal preference and I like to dress up!) and home office/personal assistant.

I also have my own projects to do (that will come about when I have the funds to not have to work as much and my time is more free) such as various books I’d like to write on health, humor, poetry, etc. I know that it all will come about in the right time and as I choose to manifest them. Your mind is very powerful and can help you create the life you want and desire. I found that actually surrendering to whatever you consider your Higher Power will bring you more of what you want then asking for it. If you think about it logically, if you are already asking then there is no room for anything else, whereas you leave a blank slate it can be filled up (an example to relate to, would be a glass that is filled with water to the very top and as you continue to pour water into it, the vessel can not retain any more of the liquid). I tested this out (the surrendering) and it actually worked, as I manifested some part-time home office work with someone who I already knew as a friend (he told me that he was actually looking for someone to assist him that is living in a like-minded lifestyle) and also someone else I know may be interested in the same.

It is amazing to see what unfolds when you let it happen without any judgement or attachments. The same holds true, when it comes to your personal health. I am not saying that you don’t need to take responsibility for your health, but try not to “beat yourself” if you takes 1 step forward and then 2 steps back, at times. Think of the positive (you did make a step forward) and look at the bright side. One thing I know for sure, no matter what anyone ever tells you, it is never ever too late to make a change (in your food choices, habits, relationships, job, etc) for the better/higher/healthier/optimal life and lifestyle. I’m not perfect and make no claims to it, but I do know that every day I am working/striving to achieve and fulfill my purpose and true potential.

I say go out there and give it your all. Live life to the fullest and care for and about the environment, people, animals, trees. We are living on this planet, but it is not for us to abuse and take for granted. Show compassion by eating lower on the food chain (I am a raw vegan, so that is pretty LOW, I’d say), riding the bus/carpooling/bicycling/walking to school/work/errands, composting your vegetable and fruit scraps (it is so easy, and you can simply make what I call a “Compost Soup” by blending them up and then pouring it outside on your soil – so yummy for the earth!), recycling/reusing your paper, plastic, etc.

Well that is all for me today, I think I have ranted and raved enough and I don’t promise, but I will try my best to write more often.

Until next time – Wishing you Happy Holidays!


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    Wayo Longoria said,

    Great cooking with you yesterday… In insightful and your comments on calorie restriction. I have always known about this but it sank in at another level seeing your levels of energy and your calorie restricted way of being. Thanks

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