FYI: Don’t Cry Over __________


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Topic: Don’t Cry Over _______

Thursday March 18, 2010

We all know that what is normally filled in above is, “spilled milk.” Well, yes, I would say that once it happened you can’t do anything to make it go back into the container/cup and what would follow, is simply to clean up the mess. I would fill in the above with, “everything.” There is a time and place for crying and you may laugh so hard that it actually causes your eyes to well up with tears (that is a good thing!). A baby or small child tends to cry more than their elder counterparts. One reason is because they don’t have the means as yet to express themselves since they have not begun talking. Crying can get the attention of others if there is something the matter. There are definitely more sensitive people who tend to get upset and cry at the mere mention of something that they take as negative, hateful or hurtful. My suggestion, instead of bursting out in tears, is to speak to the other party with compassionate/non-violent communication (please check the internet for more information on this topic and the name Marshall Rosenberg). How you would go about doing this, is never to use the word “YOU.” Always begin the sentence with “I.” For example, “I am feeling hurt by the words that were said to/about me. I would appreciate it, if other words were chosen that make me feel happier and proud.” If you noticed in the above sentences, I never used the word, “YOU.” If it is used, then the other person feels like they are being poked at (so to speak) and then feel the need to be on the defensive and then may ‘stab‘ back at you, in response. The goal is to find a way to bring your message across to the other person in a caring way where they can understand it and respond back in a similar fashion. So back to the topic, not that what I mentioned isn’t related to it. Crying when you lose someone special in your life, such as a spouse, relative, pet, etc is valid and expected. Crying for no reason may be something you want to get checked out, as your hormones may be ‘out of whack.’ Some people my start crying after they have a therapy session where they are trying to get through an unresolved issue that has been suppressed for many years in their subconscious/unconscious minds. This is also valid. Even after a massage, re-birthing, hypnotherapy session or other healing holistic modality, one may have fits of crying as a release of past ‘stuff’ that has built up in their physical/mental/emotional state of being. This is normal, too. I like the part I mentioned earlier about laughing so hard that it makes you cry. I say, go out and make that one happen because you will feel great afterwards!


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