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Thursday March 09, 2010

I like monkeys because I was born the Chinese Year of the Monkey. I will not tell you which one because then you will know my age, but age doesn’t really matter to me because it is only a number and I don’t connect with that, truthfully. I am in line with telling my mind what is so, and so it is! As it turns out (I will get to my fill in shortly), the human species is closest in DNA to the Bonobo Ape (which isn’t a monkey, but is in the same genus (?) perhaps. They tend to eat lots greens and wrap a banana in the leaf. Greens are fine to eat with fruit because they are not part of the vegetable kingdom, they are actually in their own category. The sugar in the fruit helps balance the strong mineral taste of the greens. Also make sure you rotate your greens daily because they are alkaloids in them that is naturally occurring so that the plant can continue to propagate. If you eat the same greens every day, then you body will build up the poison. I say rotate as many days out as you can (I can do it, myself for 7 days by eating parsley, cilantro, romaine, green leaf lettuce, red leaf lettuce, iceburg lettuce and spinach). Now back to my fill in the blank, the usual one is, “monkey do,” and i would say, “and will do anything you tell him/her not to do.” OK! You wonder why I wrote this, I guess? Have you ever seen anyone with a pet monkey and do they usually follow your lead? No! They are mostly doing their own thing, in their own time and in their own way. Not that there is anything wrong with that, unless they are ransacking your place of residence (a monkey needs to have its own space completely so they can do as they please, all of the time!). I would say that most monkeys (the young and younger ones, for sure) are playful, happy and do as they please and are definitely like most children. That is why when you see a monkey at the zoo (I am not a fan of caged animals in any setting, but that is another subject) they are roaming around and swinging from tree to tree and playing with each other. Children haven’t as yet perfected the idea of swinging from a tree, but some do have tree houses. The point I am making, is that it is ok to do what you want in life, especially if you can play and have fun. Just because you are of a certain age doesn’t make you stop wanting to do that. Most people conform to the structure of society and don’t want to look out-of-place by being silly or funny. That is why people get O-L-D. They forget that the best years of life were when we did things that we wanted to and had the greatest time ever. As long as you are not hurting anyone or yourself, for that matter, go out there and laugh till it hurts, skip down the street with a funny hat on, wear clothes that are bright and vibrant and don’t match because who cares! YOU ARE HAVING A GOOD TIME!


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