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Friday March 05, 2010

The word beauty is defined in a dictionary as: the inherent quality in an object of pleasing the eye, ear, or mind; a particular grace or excellence; a fine specimen. Instead of filling in with “the eye of the beholder,” I would say, “your hands” (meaning, you have the power and the right to make it happen). How so? A dear woman, who I call my friend, Tonya Zavasta, totally changed her lifestyle by eating raw vegan food and doing hot yoga (Bikram yoga). She reversed aging and also allowed herself to become beautiful. Please check out her website, and check out her before and after photos, as well as, of other people who have become ‘living beauties.’ She has written numerous books, sells exceptional natural beauty products (that she uses herself) and travels the world teaching women (and men) to find their way to the beauty they all have within ourselves and most importantly by way of our lifestyle choices. You need to take charge! No one can rely on others to make their lives the way they want to be. You can get Botox, cellulite removal, plastic surgery, take pills, potions, supplements, etc but will you be able to achieve the truly inherent beauty that comes from the inside out. I would so NO! When you view before and after pictures of those who used natural means to give them the health and the look of a supermodel, you say, “I want that!” Yes! You can have every part of it, as long as you are willing to make the effort and changes that are necessary. I have said this before, and I will say it again; take the first step (whatever that is for you) and go slowly and gradually so that you do not give up on it after a short time. From my own personal example, I’ve been a vegan for 20 years (now raw, as well) and I am still so passionate about it (even more so because I what to share the wealth of knowledge I have with others and reach out to the world with this information)! I am also never bored with the food I eat and I feel and know that it is important to eat a variety of foods and not the same things every day (that is definitely one of the reasons I know that people are more likely to stop eating a certain way because it gets boring to eat the same, lets say, 3 things, day in day out).


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    Thelma said,

    I am 63 and have no wrinkles. Many people ask if I have small children. (I am a Great Grandparent).
    I am 5′ 61/2′ tall and weigh 118lbs. My husband is equally young looking and is in great shape. He sprints and does martial arts. We have reached this point in our life by committing to a natural lifestyle at an early age (we married at 18). We never wavered in our commitment to a healthy life for all of our lives. We do eat healthy and we do supplement but the nail that keeps us young is how we live, day in and day out. There is no quick fix or any perfect diet or a super supplement, the fact is you need to come to terms with how important your life is to you and how much do you care for your loved ones. Life really is VERY short don’t hesitate to take positive action’ it is worth the effort!
    Thanks for a great post!

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