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Topic: If At 1st You Don’t Succeed __

Wednesday March 03, 2010

I know that this one is heard a lot, more so when we are/were children. I would fill in the blank differently then what we know. My words would be, step back and go for a walk, meditate, etc (do something other than what you are working on) to get a new perspective. If you are stuck in a rut you will not be able to achieve anything at all even if you keep forging ahead. For example, you are at work and there is a project that you need to complete, but you can’t seem to get ‘over the hump’ (like those last 5 pounds you try to lose). You are so focused on getting it done that you don’t realize your perspective may be blurred. Instead of trying to grind through it, take a break (hey! there are those who go out for a smoke break because they can’t indulge indoors {and I am not suggesting you start smoking ever!}…how about you taking a 5 minute break to go outside and get some fresh air and sunshine or maybe sit outside quietly and close you eyes to let go of all the stress that is bogging you down). When you return to your desk, you may have that Aha! moment and come up with the best idea for your project. You can use this technique with anything in your life. You are being good to yourself, by backing away from what is making you stuck and then starting anew, like a rose that needs to be pruned and cut back on occasion to allow it to start over and then bloom once again.


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    Jill said,

    I wholeheartedly agree with this. Sometimes just stepping away from the situation for a little while or “sleeping on it” makes so much of a difference when you do go back to whatever it is you were working on/stuck on. 🙂

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