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Topic: Yogi-isms (by Yogi Berra)

When asked what time it was……you mean now?

Friday February 26, 2010

This is the final Yogi quote for the week and I may do some more at another time (let me know if you like them). Here is another clever one, I’d say. How do you define time? Are you speaking in/of the past? present? or future? We all know (but sometimes speak otherwise) that the only time we have is in the present. The exact moment that I am writing this, is it! What happened before is OVER what is going to happen, isn’t known (although there have been those gifted to see the future, but I do not necessarily ascribe to it). If we pay attention to be mindful in the moment (and also try to multi-task less) there would be a smoother flow to our time and space. Thich Nhat Hanh, a Buddhist monk speaks of being mindful in everything we do. What he means is that we consciously think about the thing we are doing at that time (whether it is walking the dog, washing the dishes) and connect with it fully. For example (in case this seems too difficult to understand), if I am going for a walk, I would think and pay attention to each step I am making and how it feels when I step down on the front of my foot and lift up my heel. Then I may breathe in that sensation inside of me and continue doing that while I am walking. This perhaps can be a walking meditation. That is what matters to you because that is what you are doing! It can be challenging because there is so much going on around you at the time, that is pulling you in all different directions. That is why, we almost have to talk/tell ourselves to stay in the moment. You can experiment with this yourselves and do something where you are fully attentive to that and only that. Like anything, you need to keep on practicing and be present in your participation! Tune in on Monday for the next new post.


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