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Topic: Yogi-isms (by Yogi Berra)

The future ain’t what it used to be

Wednesday February 24, 2010

Here is another great quote. They are starting to rub off on me in such a way that I don’t look at them as mindless or out-of-place. They actually make more sense, maybe then people give Yogi credit for. I’ll say, if he ever reads this in my blog, I would want him to know that he is a deep thinker and gets my vote for MVP in the world of quotes (I know there are many great ones out there, myself included, not to brag, but I have some of my own that I think are awesome and perhaps will share them with you in the future. They are part of a poetry book I have compiled, but not yet published called, “My Inspirations: Heart Notes.”). Do people sometimes have premonitions/ESP/intuition and can’t really explain it? I would say so, and this quote to me, is in that vain. Who could have predicted years ago the way the world would be now (oh yes, there are those prognosticators and fortune tellers and I don’t deny or discount everything they say, but I do not live me life by following their every whim and fancy)? I do believe that planet earth itself can not sustain the way we are mis-treating with little care about the consequences. The same holds true for not taking care (i.e care taking) of our own personal space (meaning our physical bodies). The abuse and neglect leads to a future of dis-ease and dis-pair that may be difficult or too late to re-pair. Think about this, if I took a poll (and please indulge me, if you choose to and post your comments) as to how many people out there “baby” their vehicle (car, motorcycle, etc) and make sure everything is working right, shiny, given the right fuel, motor oil, etc. I believe that the percentage would be very high, compared to those who actually fancy doing the same for themselves with the right food, right attitude, fresh air, sunshine, deep breathing, healthy relationships, etc. I would love for someone to prove me wrong, on this account, but I am sincerely doubtful. I know this will change and I say it is so! The future is in your hands and don’t forget that the next generations are all affected by our choices.


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    hindy said,

    RIGHT ON !!!!
    happy you are able to use your computer.
    POURING!!!!!!!!!!! good we didn’t make
    plans to go up north. daddy got a call this morning
    to work at restaurant in w.p.b. he’s happy. speak
    later. have a good day. luv ya!!!!!!

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