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Topic: Yogi-isms (by Yogi Berra)

You can observe a lot by watching

Tuesday February 23, 2010

I know, Yogi is a bit of a quirky man and it seems like he’s using different words to say the same thing, and he is, but that is what makes it clever, amusing and entertaining (heck, Yogi’s quotes became a book and it isn’t like he really needs the money!). Think hard and long (for yourself) as to what this means to you. To me, it is to pay attention and really “tune in” to what is going on around you. Sometimes you may not want to be in touch and would rather turn everything off. I say, YES! to doing that with all the gadgets and gizmos out there (at least for a little while). People these days, seem to get so wrapped up in staying “connected” at every possible moment with the latest news, sports, Hollywood drama, etc and forget that each of us is a real person and needs to be attentive to the things that matter in life. It is great to be a go-getter and make money, have a nice car, house, possessions, but it isn’t the be all and the end all in life. When was the last time you looked at a tree and really noticed the large trunk, intertwined branches that curves around like the veins in the body and leaves all attached and then when the right moment comes, they cascade and blow in the wind to finally reach the ground? Have you truly noticed the vastness of the sky, sand and oceans? Have you been in awe of the lightning, a rainbow, a tornado or a hurricane (all creations of nature whether they are positive or not quite that way)? Allow yourself the time and the pleasure to “re-connect” and notice what is beautiful in the world. I speak from experience in saying that you will be that much more thankful for all you have and take nothing for granted.


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  1. 1

    hindy said,

    Mindy my dear, thank you for your beautiful
    words of wisdom. yes, yes we must appreciate
    Hashems wondrous creations. what a world.
    thank you for all your help, thanks for
    being YOU. with much love always!!

  2. 2

    rawsomegal said,

    Thanks for your comments
    We must always know who we are
    and where we came from.
    Give thanks and have gratitude always

    Chef Mindy aka Ageless Raw Beauty

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