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Topic: Yogi-isms (by Yogi Berra)

I didn’t really say everything I said

Monday February 22, 2010

Let me first introduce you to Yogi Berra and let you know that I will be using his quotes this week in my blog. I am a die-hard Yankees fan and grew up in Queens, New York. You say, “that would make me a Mets fan.” My Dad took me and my 2 brothers to games at Shea (the old Mets stadium) and Yankee Stadiums when we were children. I enjoy baseball and would go see a game, even if the Yankees aren’t the team that is playing. I have been devoted to the Pinstripes since the late 70’s and have continued my allegiance through thick and thin (meaning the winning and the losing seasons). I am not a ‘fair weather fan‘ and I wear my colors boldly and proudly, even though I am no longer a resident of New York. Getting back to Yogi Berra, here is some info I took from his website:

Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra was born on May 12, 1925 in St. Louis, Mo. and grew up on Elizabeth Street in a neighborhood called “The Hill”.

Yogi got his “nickname” from Bobby Hofman, a childhood friend. While watching a movie about an Indian snake charmer, Bobby noted that Yogi had a striking resemblance to the hindu man, saying “That yogi walks like Lawdie (Larry) Berra,” and the name stuck. Joe Garagiola tells a funny story about Yogi giving Carmen an anniversary card signed ‘Yogi Berra.’ She asked him if he thought he had to sign his last name so she wouldn’t think it came from some other Yogi.”

In 1942 Yogi was playing minor League ball and was approached by the then Cardinals General Manager, Branch Rickey. Rickey had just signed Garagiola for $500, but Rickey offered Yogi $250 and Yogi turned him down. It was reported that Rickey said of Yogi, “He’ll never make anything more than a Triple A ballplayer at best.” Yankees scout Leo Browne disagreed and convinced the Yankees that Yogi was worth the $500, so the Yankees signed him. Read more about his illustrious career with the Yankees:

I find the above quote to be rather interesting and can be interpreted a number of ways. One angle would be to deny part of what you said or that you didn’t mean it the way you said it. How many people do you know personally who want to take back the words they said, always after the fact. Doesn’t anyone ever think before they speak? Did you ever hear the phrase, “Count to 10?” There have been many prominent politicians, professional athletes, actors, etc (some are even looked up to as role models in society) who were caught in a lie and then had to backtrack afterwards. To relate this to health, there are many out there who are trying to refute the benefits of organics or making claims that using things like aspartame isn’t harmful (read more about this: (this website has great info, if you are not already aware of this awful product). Then down the road they will want to ‘back peddle’ to say they didn’t say it or mean it that way. Truth be told, they said it and wanted you to believe it because they have a lot vested in the company or the product and are looking to gain power, money and prestige regardless of who is hurt in the process. Please be more AWARE of the choices you make with regards to food. If you buy any packaged products, check the label thoroughly for the ingredients. A couple of tips: 1) if the list is very long, then it probably isn’t good for you, 2) if you can’t pronounce a word, it is likely a chemical, 3) the ingredients start from the most to the least amount of the what is in the product, 4) if you are not sure about a product, call the company and/or look up the ingredient(s) you aren’t sure of and then make an educated decision on whether to buy it or not. I am a 100% strict purist when it comes to ingredients (I also don’t buy anything in a can, jar, bottle or package when it comes to food) and I also have studied up on them for many years. I can look at any product and in seconds tell you whether it is truly pure or not (this includes food, cleaning products, body care, supplements, vitamins and any other I didn’t mention).


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  1. 1

    hindy said,

    thanks mindy for sharing all the good info.
    always enjoy reading your blogs, they are written
    like a pro, which u are. keep on writing & sending.

    • 2

      rawsomegal said,

      thanks for your comment
      i always try to find a way to express
      my knowledge to the public that is relate-able
      and applicable

      chef mindy aka ageless raw beauty

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