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Topic: A Small Group of People Could Change the World.  Indeed it’s the Only Thing That Ever Has. (Margaret Mead)

Friday February 19, 2010

I am continuing with quotes from famous people as there are many great ones out there that I can make a connection to aspects of health and wellness. Margaret Mead was a famous anthropologist and a writer and speaker in the 1960’s and 70’s.

For more info check out this website:

Next week, I will do some Yogi-isms (as in Yogi Berra, as I love baseball and I’m a HUGE Yankees fan!). In today’s quote I will relate it to an issue that came about in the world of organic food. Quite a number of years ago the FDA or USDA wanted to allow irradiation, hormones, antibiotics and pesticides in organically grown foods. To those of use who are proponents of this way of life, it would have been horrific (in never did come to pass). At the time, people may have said, “well, it doesn’t matter if I don’t say/do anything about it, as I am only one person.” This was not the case. People in mass wrote letters, called, sent emails and protested this. I believe it was 100,000 strong!

So you can understand the POWER OF THE PEOPLE. If each person would have said, “not me,” then we wouldn’t have the guidelines for what can and cannot be used to grow organic food (as mentioned above). Here are some website to check out with more information:

Have a great weekend! Stay tuned for new posts again on Monday


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