FYI: You Are What You______- Part II


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Topic: You Are What You_____ – Part II

Monday February 15, 201o

I decided that I need to bring back this fill in the blank topic, as there is more to it, then what I wrote the previous time (that being on Wed. Feb. 10th). I was sitting down to eat my dinner salad meal at the table (seated next to my Mom, as I am visiting my parents and others). I noticed how she is eating her meal and how I am. There was quite a differential (which I will discuss in more detail shortly). Getting back to what I would fill in the blank with for the topic above would be, digest and more so, what you assimilate and absorb. So, as a was observing my Mom eating, while I was, as well, here is what I noticed (ok, Mom, I am not trying to be negative, merely giving my feedback to help you and others, too, to know how to better eat for optimal abs0rption). Number 1 – Her posture was not perfect and I sit more on the edge of my chair so I sit up straight (better for digestion). Number 2- she does not seem to put down her utensils (fork, spoon, etc) after taking a bite to give herself the time to chew and sometimes even put in more then one forkful into her mouth at one time. I on the other hand tend to put my utensils down after each fork full (I usually eat with chopsticks) and set it down on another plate so I have to spend the time to pick it up again to get more food. Number 3- My Mom doesn’t chew her food for very long, whereas, I will chew it till it is mostly liquid in my mouth (as that is where the digestion actually occurs and your enzymes are activated) and will not put any more food in my mouth until that mouthful is completely masticated. Number 4- when you “inhale” your food, as my Mom tends to do, you are not absorbing the nutrients and usually need to keep eating more and more food, as you are always hungry. Number 5- Another way you know that you are not assimilating your food properly, is when your bowel movements tend to be loose and you can see pieces of the food floating in the water (don’t get me wrong, that has happened to me on many occasions, I am not perfect, so I share with you my challenges, as well. When I chew my food better, I notice that my movements are solid and I barely have the need for any toilet paper. Number 6- I also noticed that it is best to sit quietly without any distractions from TV, radio, phones, computer and simply “plug in” to your food and the energy it is giving you and the sensations you feel while chewing and the wonderful flavors and colors (I eat lots of green leafy vegetables and other wonderful non-sweet fruits for dinner (cucumbers, tomat0es, red bell peppers) and sometimes sweet fruits, as well – if I don’t have fat in my salad). Number 7- Giving yourself a few minutes at the end of the meal to reflect on your time, without “jumping” up so quickly to go to the next project. Sit and relish in the beauty of life and the gifts you have been given. The same can be said for when you sit down to your meal. Try to have everything you need on the table before you start so there is no reason to get up at all once you have started, as it disrupts the flow of your meal. Number 8- Give thanks in whatever way you can/know before you eat your food and afterwards. Since much has gone into getting it to you, so lets show our gratitude. If we can all have the attitude of gratitude in life for everything and anything, life would be filled with much love, joy, health, happiness, peace, prosperity, abundance and beauty. Do what you can to make this so! Please send your comments and what you would fill in the blank with for the topic above.


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