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Topic: 2 Be Or Not 2 Be_________

Thursday February 11, 2010

It is exactly one month since I completed my 42 day cleanse. It is hard to even fathom that I did it and accomplished it successfully on my own (if you click on the archives for December 2009, you can read my journal I posted from day 1 and all the way to the end. I also write about my transition back to food). If you are someone who is interested in fasting and would like to do it under supervision, there is a great place in Panama that does it for various amounts of time and also helps you transition back to food using the raw vegan diet. Check it out –

Now back to my topic, which I continue to use the fill in the blank theme. Again a familiar phrase, this time from Shakespeare, but I changed the way it is spelled by using numbers instead of the actual word. I would fill it in with, there is no question? What do I mean by that? and I even put a question mark at the end. Some people may inquire about their own “beingness” (or reason for being alive) on this planet, but I know that I do have a definite purpose here. Mine is to spread the knowledge and benefits of eating and living a healthy lifestyle. Whether it is through my blog, presentations, lectures, workshops, classes, private chef services or simply talking to someone I meet on the bus, airplane, street, in the health food store, etc. I don’t know whether everyone I meet or speak to, will actually implement anything or everything of what I tell them, but that doesn’t make me stop doing it. I love it when I do hear from people who I have been an influence on their choices in life. I hope you will share with me your comments, as I am happy to receive them, especially for my fill in the blank topics.



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