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Topic: Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover


Tuesday February 9, 2010

I am taking a break from the fill in the blank topics that I have been doing lately, but I do plan to return to them again. I decided today to go with one of the famous expressions that we hear throughout our lives. The reason why, is that today I am traveling to another state to visit my family and while I am waiting in the airport to board my flight, it is interesting to watch people go by. You sometimes hear that you can tell the way a person acts, (I am not trying to label, anyone, per se) by watching their pet (dog, cat, etc). I believe this to be true, but isn’t an absolute 100% full proof statement. I say the same about noticing what someone is drinking (water, juice, coffee, soda, alcohol, etc) and eating (fruit, salad, burger, sandwich, etc). You may not have thought about this one, but seeing people that are more/less conscious in their choices of what they consume (food and drink), is fascinating to me. They probably don’t realize that I am paying attention to that as they walk by me in the airport terminal or sit next to me on the plane and they tell the flight attendant what they wish to drink/eat (or in any other situation where I see people). I am not being prejudice, but I know that if I went somewhere to perhaps meet a prospective suitor, I would make it like “The Dating Game,” and ask them where they would take me out to eat (even though, I don’t ever eat out anymore because, if you have been reading my blog most of the way from the beginning in December 2009, I am a raw vegan and eat fruits, vegetables, green leafy vegetables, sea vegetables and once a week avocado). Another thing I would want to know, is their beverage of choice (again, I don’t want to be with someone who drinks coffee, alcohol or soda because I don’t and know the ramifications of consumption of these beverages). You can learn a lot more then you realize from this! Now you may choose to pay more attention, so even if you see that cute guy walk by you and he is sipping on a drink in a styrofoam cup (a no-no for me) which is probably a soda from McDonalds or Jack-in-the-Box (fast food is a no-no for me, too!), you may think twice about going over and introduce yourself to him as he doesn’t have the same principles of health as you do. I know this may seem like lots to digest (no pun or yes pun intended!), but if you are making a decision to spend the rest of your physical life with one person, he/she needs to be living in the same stream of consciousness (so to speak), as you are.


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