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Wednesday February 3, 2010

Most people are aware of the 5 senses, but do they know that they play a large part in our choices (it is most likely in our subconscious mind). Your sense of touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight may trigger you to do something from memory and not something you consciously realize. For example, there is an aroma wafting in the air as you walk down the street passing a bakery. It is some freshly baked bread that reminds you of when you were a child and your Dad took you to get fresh bread right out of the bakery oven. You decide to buy some bread based on that childhood memory. Some of us are very strong-willed and self-motivated and are not easily influenced by the mere scent of food from their past. For example, I can walk by a shop that sells chocolate and smell it in passing and move on. It can be a form of aromatherapy where merely the scent of something is enough and you don’t have to actually consume the product (which may not be beneficial for you, anyway). These reminders can trigger you to do something you really would not otherwise do if you were aware of it. The best thing, is to find a way to retrain your brain and not follow such an impulse. This can eventually become a habit that you are continuing to do and an unproductive one, at that. I am not saying it is an easy thing to do and will take time and effort, but you have to make it happen, as no one can do it for you. I further believe, that there is a 6th sense, the instinct or gut feeling. Women tend to have this sense more then men do. I am not being discriminatory, as it usually in part of the inherent nature of the female. Trust yourself that if something doesn’t feel right (like when you eat something that doesn’t agree with you and affects your health, it is best to remove the intolerance than to continue consuming it and hope that things will get better in time), it probably is not. From my own personal example, we did not drink soda in my family home, but it was available when we went to the synagogue during a luncheon. I tried some of the ‘clear’ variety. I figured it was better than the dark soda. Being that soda is carbonated, it had a negative affect on me. It would cause me to burp from the gas and I had burning through my nostrils and a tightness in my chest. Instead of thinking that this will pass, I decided, right then and there that I never want to feel that way and gave it up forever! I followed my instinct and it was for the best, knowing what I know now they have no benefit whatsoever to our bodies. When we pay attention and tune in to all of our senses, they can bring us to a beautiful, positive and health-giving/enhancing place in our lives. Smell those fragrant roses when you walk down the street past your neighbor’s house. Share a hug with a long-lost friend. See that beautiful rainbow appear in the sky after a heavy rainstorm. Listen to a delightful melody played on the piano. These things make us feel GOOD and improve our health.


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