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Tuesday February 2, 2010

I am sure you have seen those people with homemade signs (but they don’t actually have a home, usually) that are in need of money and/or food and stand out on the street corner to get the attention of a motorist as they are stopped at a light. Think about it! It would be in our own best interest, to do the same thing. I don’t mean that we’d get a job, so to speak, but that we start to work/exercise so that when we do eat our meal, we are truly hungry and stimulate our appetite. Most people eat their 3 square meals a day, not based on “TRUE” hunger, but on the fact that it is 12 noon and known as lunch time (as kids we started in this pattern and continue to do so, as adults). We may not even be ready to eat, but this is our lunch hour at work and if we don’t, we’ll be ‘hungry’ later. So therein lies the answer. You will be hungry later on and then it will be best to eat. The best thing, is to start the day off exercising, whether it is going for a brisk walk, running on the beach or a treadmill, a vigorous dance workout (I like this and play my favorite tunes that motivate me and keep me going) and afterwards, have your meal. If you can before each meal, do a mini-workout for 5 to 10 minutes, such as jumping jacks, squats, push-ups or any other movement that will get your heart pumping. Think about it! People like to eat and I eat a very low-fat organic raw vegan food regimen (eating mostly fruit and leafy greens) and am not concerned about calories, but for the majority who are on the SAD diet (it is truly sad 😦 but I will not rant on this topic right now) usually have a much higher caloric and fat laden intake. That is why I say that working for your food is not only good but necessary. You boost your metabolism before you eat and then burn more calories after you eat. Maybe, we all need to have a sign on our mirror, vision board and fridge posted that says “Will W0rk For Food” and stick with it! I love to exercise and move my body, so it isn’t an issue for me. Most importantly is for you to find something you like to do and maybe have a buddy/partner to join with and you’ll be more apt to continue because someone else is depending on you. Also, check out for a group that exercises together and that may be a good motivator, too.


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