40 Days (+2!) of Cleansing and Beyond….Week 3

A Journal of my personal (daily) experiences

By: Mindy Goldis

Vegan Food Chef and Educator

Specializing in macrobiotic/raw food cuisine

Week 3

Day 15 – Tuesday December 15, 2009

My fifteenth day experiences: I woke up early this morning (6 am) because I had to be out to take the bus to an appointment. My neck felt a bit stiff today, but my energy was good. I had a small loose bowel movement at 6:40 am. I made sure to dress in layers because my body is usually cold. The temperature outside doesn’t help much either (even though it has been sunny, it didn’t get that warm). I spent most of the day at this appointment and didn’t have time to drink as much fluids, as I would have liked. I had a chance to weigh myself again on a manual scale (last week was a digital one) and it said 118 ¼. I haven’t lost that much since last Wednesday (unless that scale is not as accurate as the other one). I will try to weigh myself every week (if I am somewhere that has a scale). I was worn out when I got home at 4 pm. I made sure to drink more, but still feel tired. I plan to go to sleep early again, so I will feel better tomorrow. I was in bed by 9 pm and had a great night sleep!

Day 16 – Wednesday December 16, 2009

My sixteenth day experiences: I woke up a couple of times early this morning to use the bathroom and then went back to sleep till about 8 am. I did not have a bowel movement this morning. My throat was a bit dry when I woke. My tongue is still coated heavily, the soles of my feet are dry and cracked, but my underarm odor has abated. I feel great this morning and it is a glorious sunny day outside. I went out for a walk and then to do some catching up on emails, etc with my computer at the library. I didn’t drink enough while I was there, but made sure I did so when I got home. Since it is what sustains me, I have to make sure that I don’t skimp on it. Not that I am even remotely hungry for ‘FOOD,’ because I am not. At this point, food doesn’t matter. I have a party to go to tonight for the holidays, but will only stay for a short time because I have an early day tomorrow. My energy is still fine at 5 pm. I went out to the party and stayed longer than I planned because I saw a friend that I had not seen in years. I went to bed close to 10 pm.

Day 17 – Thursday December 17, 2009

My seventeenth day experiences: I slept well last night, but woke up at 6 am with a bit of a dry throat and a sore neck. I did not have a bowel movement this morning. My tongue continues to be coated and my underarm odor is nil. I still have good energy. I have a long day with many activities to do. I left my apartment at 9 am, later then I planned because I received a phone call and then needed to mail something out on the way to chorus practice. I actually did more walking today then I intended because of an unexpected need to go home before I resumed by other plans. I was a bit worn out because of it. My throat was feeling a bit dry during the day because I was not drinking enough (especially when I am busy on the computer at the library, I forget to drink). I’m glad it was a warmer day and not windy, as my body didn’t feel as cold. I also went to an event this evening with a friend after I cam home from all my daily activities. It did get colder, so I dressed for it. I know I will sleep well tonight because I am exhausted, but my energy is still good and I plan to do some cleaning of the apartment tonight before I go to sleep. I went to sleep later than I planned (10:30 pm) and I was totally wiped out.

Day 18 – Friday December 18, 2009

My eighteenth day experiences: I slept very well last night and woke up about 6 am and then went back to sleep for another hour. I did not have a bowel movement this morning. I still have a heavy coating on my tongue. The odor under my arms has dissipated . I do actually feel my bones shifting when I am in bed, especially in the morning before I get up. I’ve had this sensation before when I have been on extended cleanses. I have a busy day today with cleansing, hair treatment and getting ready for the Sabbath. It is another beautiful and warm sunny day outside, just the way I like it! I came home from doing all my activities and didn’t have much time left before sundown. I didn’t get to take my daily picture today (bummer!). It was nice to finally sit down, relax and read. I watched the candles from the last night of Chanukkah burn and the holiday is over tomorrow. I was quite tired and went to sleep by 9:30 pm. I was much colder tonight and slept with a wool sweater on. I have been having an issue with the soles of my feet being dry and cracked, even bleeding. For the past few nights I have been applying some ayurvedic neem balm (from auromere; http://www.auromere.com or 1-800-735-4691) to the bottom of my feet and applying more to the areas that need it most. Then I wrap my feet in clear plastic wrap (from Natural Value; http://www.naturalvalue.com or fax 916-427-3784) that is PVC and plasticizer-free) so the balm can absorb into my feet while I am sleeping. I put on some old socks that are already stretched out and doesn’t matter what happens to them. The balm has helped tremendously and I am thrilled with the results. I put it on every night so the dryness can continually improve.

Day 19 – Saturday December 19, 2009

My nineteenth day experiences: I slept well last night, but again, I had some brainstorming ideas in the hours before I actually woke up, but did not keep me awake for long. I could not write down my ideas because of the Sabbath. I didn’t have a bowel movement this morning. My tongue is still coated, but not as much as it has been. My underarm odor, has also improved. I did feel somewhat achy and weary today and decided not to attend services at my synagogue, but to take it easy and relax. I went outside on the patio and did some sun bathing, as it makes me feel more energetic. I did go for a walk in the afternoon, but other then that, I stayed indoors. In the evening, I did ‘ear candling,’ a home care health remedy from Harmony Cone; http://www.harmonycone.com or 1-877-570-4484 [read more about the wonderful healing applications of this product online and for your own safety, do not perform this on yourself, always have someone there to assist you]. Since I am in a detox mode, I usually use 3 candles in each ear, to get the most out of it. It took about an 1 hour and 10 minutes to complete the entire session. I did the left ear first and noticed that I had a greater need than in the right. I always do this at night after I am no longer going outside, so that my ear can be protected overnight and renew the protective wax in my ear canal. After I am done with each ear, I put in several drops of Mullein/Garlic Ear Drops from Herbs Etc. – located in Santa Fe, NM and place a piece of cotton ball in each ear. I am definitely getting tired, and plan to get to sleep soon (it is nearly 10 pm). My energy today, was ok, but not as great, as other days. I went to bed at 10:30 pm in a state of total exhaustion.

Day 20 – Sunday December 20, 2009

My twentieth day experiences: It is hard to believe that I have come this far already. It seems like yesterday, it was day 1. I am now half way to my goal (but then again the best part is the journey that takes you there). I slept very well last night. I woke up at 5:30 am and then went back to bed till 7:30 am. I did have a bit of lethargy when I awoke and some stiffness in my neck. Still no bowel movement to speak of, my tongue has some coating and my body odor is non-existent. It is expected to be a gorgeous warm sunny day outside. I have some errands to do and then later on I will be singing with my chorus for our annual holiday concert. I went to take care of my errands in the morning and was tired when I got home, but no time to rest. I went for a walk and then my friend picked me up to go to the concert. It was a wonderful turnout and the performance was great! My throat did get dry, as I didn’t have the chance to drink anything till we finished. When I got home, I drank lots of fluids. I feel tired and will be going to bed earlier tonight (no later than 8:30 pm) , as I am getting up before sunrise to go on a nature walk up a mountain for the winter solstice.

Day 21 – Monday December 21, 2009

My twenty-first day experiences: I went to bed on time last night at 8:30 pm. I slept well and woke at 2 am to use the bathroom and went back to bed, but didn’t feel like I slept again till my alarm rang at 4 am. While I was lying in bed, I was thinking about how easy this cleanse has been compared to others and that I could go on this way indefinitely (I don’t believe I would actually do so, but it would save me a tremendous amount of time and money). I do know that when I resume eating, it will be a completely different way than ever before. I will share that with you, as well. I am a bit tired, but well rested. My energy is fine. I do have some stiffness around my neck. The coating on my tongue has diminished greatly and I have no underarm odor. Still no bowel movements to speak of. I have a busy day ahead and fun, as well. The walk up the mountain was definitely more challenging because of the rugged terrain and the switchbacks. I did it just the same (and well, for someone who hasn’t eaten in 21 days) and enjoyed it immensely. I had a busy rest of the day with an appointment, errands and visiting a friend. I was able to weigh myself, again on a digital scale in the afternoon and I was 111 pounds. I did have some heavy-ish clothing on, so may need to take off a bit more for that. Even so, my face doesn’t seem so slim (as it has with other cleanses, I have done). I didn’t get home till 7 pm and have fairly good energy considering. It was an overcast day, for the most part. I definitely dressed warmly for the weather. I know I will sleep well tonight and have no plans to get up early tomorrow. I noticed that I had excess ear wax coming out of my ears (I don’t know if it was because of the hike this morning to elevation, but is part of my detox, anyway). I went to bed at 10 pm and was so exhausted.


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