40 Days (+2!) of Cleansing and Beyond…Week 2

A Journal of my personal(daily)experiences

By: Mindy Goldis

Vegan Food Chef and Educator

Specializing in macrobiotic/raw food cuisine

Week 2

Day 8 – Tuesday December 08, 2009

My eighth day experiences: I woke up feeling a bit sore and achy and somewhat lethargic. Today would be my first day consuming coconut water (O.N.E. Coconut Water from http://www.onedrinks.com) available in 11 oz and liter containers) and also adding green stevia powder to my water (Powdered Stevia Herb – certified organic and non-irradiated from Frontier; http://www.frontiercoop.com or 1-800- 669-3275). Stevia has numerous vitamins & minerals and is not a sugar, but tastes sweet. Read the book, “The Miracle of Stevia,” by James A. May for comprehensive information on this incredible sweet leaf that has healing properties. I usually drink it after I have had coconut water, because the coconut water has natural sugars and I don’t want that to stay in my teeth. I put the stevia in my cup first and use an amount that works for me and then pour the water over it, so it can dissolve (everyone is different so the amount you will need will vary and start with less, at first to see how much is ideal for you because if you use too much it can taste bitter). I did not have a bowel movement first thing this morning, but when I walked to the library later on, I felt some stirring in my colon and knew I had more to do then ‘a #1.’ I don’t like to go outside the house, but I had to. It was a small amount of soft matter that was a bit smelly (that happened about 11:35 am and I wonder if it was due to my consuming the coconut water and stevia water). I felt a bit more energetic when I went out earlier in the morning to hang out my laundry and sweep the leaves from the storm we had yesterday. I must have been invigorated by the sun and the fresh air. As far as to my liquid consumption goes, I am having a minimum of 5 cups a day of coconut water (as per the information in the book, “Coconut Water for health and healing,” by Dr. Bruce Fife, page 64 on how to do a coconut water fast) and also water with stevia (not sure as to the exact amount). I notice that after I consume the coconut water and/or stevia water, I usually have to belch/burp, as perhaps I am taking in some air while I am drinking. I went to bed tonight by 9:15 pm and slept for a few hours (I started my menstrual cycle [Natracare Organic and natural feminine hygiene; http://www.natracare.com or 1-800-796-2872 they make organic pads, tampons, etc] tonight, so I have to get up a few times during the night for a few days to make sure I am not ‘flooding,’ so to speak). When I attempted to go back to sleep, it was extremely difficult, as I have a neighbor above me who stays up nights and has a tendency to disturb me. Whether he is playing guitar, has his TV on or banging around up there doing who knows what! I chose to stay in bed regardless (except for trips to the bathroom).

Day 9 – Wednesday December 09, 2009

My ninth day experiences: Even though I slept very little last night, at least the first few hours were before midnight. I did not feel weak or lethargic this morning. I had to get up early because I had a busy day and would be taking the bus to take care of my errands and appointment. I did not have a bowel movement this morning. I was out by 8 am and it was cold outside (I was colder, myself, because of lack of food, so that didn’t help much. I will not give up what I am doing because of that!). I made sure I was dressed warm, as I knew I wouldn’t be home till the evening. I felt good most of the day, but noticed that my walking pace was not the same as usual, but slower (unless I had to run for a short distance to make sure I made the bus). I did not weigh myself when I started and wish I had to see the change. Today I did and I was 120 lbs (digital scale). I aim to get my weight down to 110 lbs or less, as that is best for my height (5 ft 3½ in) and build, according to Dr. Douglas Graham, raw food teacher and author of many books, including “80/10/10 Diet.” It is also best for longevity to be thinner. I know that since I am doing this cleanse, it is toxic weight I am losing. I got everything done for the day and even visited a close friend of mine. I bought myself a present for Chanukkah, a new boom box (radio, cassette and CD player), as only the radio worked on my old one. I had to ‘schlep’ it to the bus stop, which was a couple of blocks and was already loaded down with other things. I did not have any complications from my menstrual cycle and I know it is because I am on my cleanse and not eating anything. If you do get cramps, etc the best thing to do is not to have to deal with digestion for the first day and you will notice a big difference. Only drink liquids like tea, coconut water, stevia water or fresh juices. I was really worn out (due to lack of sleep), so I know I’ll sleep well tonight (barring any upstairs noise). I went to sleep at 10pm.

Day 10 – Thursday December 10, 2009

My tenth day experiences: I slept well last night, especially since there was no extraneous noise from upstairs. I woke up feeling fine and no lethargy. I had a small loose evacuation at 6:20 am. I left by 8:30 am and didn’t return home till after 5 pm. I had no problems at all maintaining my energy. What helps the most for me, is always drinking fluids (coconut water and stevia water) and I never feel hungry (I am very strong-willed and self-motivated and that does help). It was sunny today, but still cool and I made sure to bring extra layers of clothing as I knew I’d be home after dark. I went to bed later than usual, even though I was tired at 9 pm. I started looking through some articles and then got caught up in what I was reading. I finally went to bed at 11pm.

Day 11 – Friday December 11, 2009

My eleventh day experiences: I slept well last night and woke up this morning feeling fine. I didn’t have anywhere to go today and took the opportunity to stay in bed later. I noticed that my throat was feeling dry so I had some stevia water, as that seems to help (in case you didn’t know stevia has anti-bacterial properties). I also have a heavily coated tongue and some foul underarm odor. I did not have a bowel movement this morning. My energy level is stable and seems to stay that way as long as I get enough sleep and drink my fluids. I love having more free time (since I don’t have to shop for the food and prepare it) to work on various projects or do some deep cleaning in my apartment. I was able to accomplish all that I needed to today with energy to spare. I was finally able to relax when the Sabbath arrived at 4:24 pm (candle lighting time) and it is also the first lighting of the menorah for Chanukkah. I stayed up till about 10 pm reading and then went to bed.

Day 12 – Saturday December 12, 2009

My twelfth day experiences: I woke up a couple of times during the night, but slept well. I did not have a bowel movement this morning. I noticed that my tongue is heavily coated, but my underarm odor has diminished. It was an overcast and cloudy day and rained most of the day with some breaks where the sun actually came out. Since I could not attend services at my synagogue today, I did organizing in my apartment and rearranging of stuff. I did not feel weak or lethargic at all today, even with all that I had done (it didn’t take that much energy compared to doing intense exercise). I laid down for a nap for about an hour this afternoon to take a break. I went to sleep at 9:30 am.

Day 13 – Sunday December 13, 2009

My thirteenth day experiences: I slept well last night except for some slight disturbance from upstairs neighbor about 4am or so. I woke up with energy, but had some neck soreness. I did have a small solid bowel movement at 7:30 am. My tongue is still coated and has a greenish-yellowish color, but I think that is from the stevia powder residue, which is green (nothing to be concerned about). I have some slight underarm odor, but more so on the right underarm. It is a nice sunny day, so I will finally get to be outside more and enjoy it. I walked to where I could go on my computer (and get the wireless connection from a store) and check my emails (since I hadn’t been out in 2 days because of the inclement weather and I don’t have internet at home) and it felt really good to have the sun beating down on my skin to warm me and give me energy, too. Later on in the afternoon, I went to a raw food event and met up with other people. I was not eating and everyone else brought food to share. I am very strong-minded and strong-willed, so it did not affect me and I never felt like I wanted to eat anything. It this point I am beyond that. My energy stayed consistent all day. In the evening I took a bath (used Letting Go 4 0z jar – a warming ginger bath from Little Moon Essentials; as it is great for cleansing during fasts and detoxes). I went to bed at 10 pm and slept well until 2:30 am. I got up to use the bathroom and then was restless in bed for hours. I couldn’t fall back to sleep, as my mind was bubbling up with ideas. I have so much clarity and awareness when I’m not eating that my brain ‘storms’ (i.e. brainstorming). I have a great idea for spreading the message of healthy eating and making it FUN for everyone! (stay tuned for more inf0 in the future).

Day 14 – Monday December 14, 2009

My fourteenth day experiences: I woke up a bit groggy, but my energy was still good, even though I did not sleep as much as I’d liked. I did write down my ideas as soon as I woke up, so that I would have it for future reference. I did not have a bowel movement this morning. The skin on the soles of my feet are really dry and cracked, even with all that I am drinking (another detox reaction) and it will change when the time is right. My tongue is still heavily coated, as well. It is a beautiful sunny day and I have lots to accomplish. I went for a walk today by the water. It felt a bit chilly to me because my body is colder than most others, since I am not eating. I spent quite some time at the library checking emails, etc. I stayed longer than I intended to and it was getting chilly outside. I didn’t quite drink enough while I was there, but made sure I had more when I got home. I still felt fine, as far as my energy goes. I plan to get to bed early tonight because I have a busy day tomorrow. I went to sleep at 9:30 pm and had a restful night.

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  1. 1

    rawsomegal said,

    yes, this is absolutely true
    i have been doing fasting and cleansing since 2004, as stated in the blog
    and built up gradually the amount of time i have done it
    and this was my longest ever done…i still can’t believe that i actually did it, myself!
    it was a great accomplishment for me and was pretty much the easiest as far as not ever
    feeling hungry
    i will go back to doing 21 day fasts/cleansing before every new season
    thanks for the comment and please let others know about my blog
    all 6 weeks are posted and i am also continuing to post weekly for my return to food
    and perhaps some other topics
    wishing you good health and prosperity
    much gratitude!

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    […] 40 Days (+2!) of Cleansing and Beyond…Week 2 January 20103 comments […]

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